In 2021, Ines joined the art and music festival in Utrecht, Uncloud, as a visual and graphic designer. Since then, she has become part of the core team and took the roles of host, curator, social media manager, and many others.
Uncloud 2023
Visuals and graphics developed for Uncloud 2023, in collaboration with Hans Schuttenbeld, Ivo Brouwer, and Cris Mollee.
Visuals used for WAS. clubnight, during the second day of the festival weekend, Uncloud 2023.
Uncloud 2022
Concert Series
Visuals and graphics developed for Uncloud 2022, in collaboration with Cris Mollee and Skander Jaïbi.
Uncloud 2021
Graphics developed for Uncloud 2021, in collaboration with Skander Jaïbi.
Visuals by Jaco Schilp.
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