When we experience different cultures, it can be exciting and freeing, but we also have to face the emotional challenge of figuring out where we belong. For Ines Kooli, transitioning from Tunisia to the Netherlands evoked a sense of ‘cultural swinging’. It describes the feeling of shifting between cultures, homes, friends, families, and places.
 ‘The Swing of Damocles’ is an interactive installation that uses a swing to capture this shifting feeling of ‘home’. Start swinging and embark on a journey from Tunisia to the Netherlands, experiencing having to adjust to different social and cultural norms in order to establish a new life. This personal and immersive reflection of Ines’ experience with defining ‘home’ will resonate with those who face similar challenges of feeling between places.

Background track: E.M.R.I. | The Last Alliance - Verraco

Please watch the video in full-screen mode! 
Photo by Femke Reijerman
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