DeKnobber-216 emerges as a collaborative creation by Ines Kooli and Aziz Reguigui, embodying a fusion of instinctive playability and kinetic expression. Drawing inspiration not only from the pulsating electronic beats of Tunisia but also from the intricate polyrhythms inherent in traditional Tunisian music, this instrument represents a harmonious union of modernity and heritage.
DeKnobber-216, purposefully crafted for party settings, embodies the essence of engaging users in an exploration of rhythm and melody through their own physical movements. By inviting users to intuitively navigate its surfaces, the instrument becomes a canvas for crafting distinctive symphonies that originate from the very core of their beings. This empowerment allows users to articulate their narratives through sound, thereby amplifying the tapestry of musical expression.

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Photos by Vincent Decat
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